Que Rico

Ok, now it’s time to talk about Honduran food! For a long time I thought that all Hondurans just ate beans with bugs and rice, but I have been finding out quite differently! So I just wanted to talk about some foods which are very Honduran.

Ok, yes, rice and beans, but really Honduran rice and beans have a lot of seasonings and flavor. Their rice is often much more like yellow rice, if you know what that is. Their beans too are usually flavored with cilantro and sometimes even spicy.

Hot sauce: Hondurans don’t usually make most of their food spicy, but they love their hot sauce. Probably because it can change even the blandest rice and beans into a tasty meal, and when I say hot sauce I mean HOT SAUCE!

Fried…: Hondurans fry a lot of their meats, but they also fry their potatos, yucca, and plantains, and green bananas. All of these unordinary vegitables have a similar texture to potatos, and so are quite good fried.

Avacados: Mmm, it is avocado season, and we have our own avocado tree in the volunteer yard!

Mangos: Unfortunately I missed this season by a couple months, but during mango season, I have heard that you can eat Mangos till you are sick!

Nances: Speaking of eating fruit till you are sick, nances are a very popular snack here. They are very similar to sour cherries in many ways. They have a pit, grow on trees, are a similar size, and are kind of bitter- sweet. Unlike cherries, though, they are neon yellow and their flavor is incredibly strong!The babies will eat a few and their poop will be that neon yellow color!

Charamuscas: Charamuscas are basically like popsicles. They are frozen fruit juice in a bag. You bite off one corner of the bag and suck out the juice as it melts.

Fruit juices and sodas: In the states you might ask at a restaurant what kind of juices they have. They would probably say orange and apple and then start listing their teas, but here in Honduras, their fruit juices are much more varied. They normally have flavors like pineapple, blueberry, banana, pear, and peach, to name just a few. And they have all sorts of fruit sodas as well, including banana, strawberry, and blueberry, not to mention the amazing variety of cool aid flavors. Also, one tip on manners, ladies are not supposed to drink right out of the bottle or can, they use straws.

Exotic fruits: Pineapples and coconuts are quite common here, and bananas are a few cents a pound.

Tortillas: …Where do I begin? Everyone enjoys their tortillas, even my babies at the house will not eat anything else if they see a stack of tortillas. There are so many ways to use a tortilla as well, from eating it plain along with your rice and beans to quesadillas, pupusas, enchiladas, baleadas, and a thousand other versions of stuffed tortillas.


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