My schedule has stayed about the same lately- A walk after breakfast in the morning or taking the older babies to the toddler house to play, lunch, break, dinner  and baths and playtime,  and sometimes a walk at night. A couple of the older moms moved to the toddler house, and one of them leaves her baby at our house during the day because she has started working. She has asked me to take care of him and so holding , changing,, feeding, and bathing him has helped to demolish any semblance of free-time I had before.

We also have a new mom at the house who just arrived a few days ago. She has a 2 year-old sister and a 5 month old son, so our house has become much more active. She has helped to settle the drama in the house. I don’t actually know why her presence has changed the atmosphere so drastically, but she is very mature for her 15 years and tends to treat everyone with the same openness and respect. She has a lot of confidence and helps to add balance to the house. I have fallen in love with her little sister. She and I became friends right away, and then I showered her, and she did not want to take a shower, so I literally was holding her in my arms in the shower and got completely soaked! She still wanted to be my baby after that, though, and ended up falling asleep in my arms a few minutes after we got done. It’s true love. She’s so precious!!

The other day I was trying to teach the girls how to say “you’re welcome.” It ended up sounding like “reboka,” but I didn’t have time to work on it more with them, so I left it like that. Well then it just started to sound like they were saying my name in a weird voice, and then they just started saying, “la boca” which means “the mouth” in Spanish. At that point the Danish volunteer and I started to try to teach it to them again. It was going pretty well at first; we got them to say “you’re”, but when it came to “welcome” they just couldn’t get it. They now say “you’re walking,” and I don’t know, maybe I should have just left it how it was! Then again, I can only imagine what funny things it must sound like I am saying!

I wrote this to a friend the other day, and I just thought I would add it on here. These are all my kids:

There’s Perla, who is this little 1 year-old who keeps up with our 2 year-old boys! She is this little princess,but she is always moving and I can almost never get a good picture of her. Then there is Jefri. He is 2 and hits me almost every time I come close enough, but we’ve had a bunch of silly fun times together despite the fact that I almost always have to put him in a corner for 2 minutes and say “no pegue!” He looks like a little American Indian chief, which is so funny to me! Than there is Noe. He is this little chubby 2 year-old who is always running up and laying his hed on my lap. His favorite word is “caballo” and he says it for everything that has around 4 legs. Josue is 14 months and just starting to walk, but he is trying to jump sometimes on one foot! Sometimes he would rather play tickle games than eat his food, and he has often been the reason for giant soup stains on my pants at night! David is the happy one. He is always smiling and laughing, and if he isn’t, then you know it is a really bad day at the baby house! David is 10 months old. Jenny is 3 months old with a fountain of soft black hair. There is not much more you can say about a 3 month old. Justin is the same age. Can you guess who he was named after? Yes even in Honduras… Jonathan is 4 months, but he is ginormous. Like he is basically the same size as some of the 2 year-olds in the toddler house. I watch him a lot because his mom works with the special needs kids. Jorge is 5 months. He is the son of the new girl. He has athsma, but when the poor thing isn’t coughing he is so happy and almost never cries. He is very alert and can hold his own bottle! Lydia is 2. She is the adopted daughter of the girl who runs the baby house. She hops and skips everywhere! She should be a gymnist when she grows up because she is so strong and flexible and bouncy! We are trying to teach her some English. She always gets so excited to see me and is always calling to one of her many “Tia’s” and chattering and playing!


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