I just had a wonderful day! I don’t think I normally have days which are exceptionally fun  and precious. I have moments and experiences, but not usually entire days.

This morning was a blast with my babies. We put the older ones in their highchairs to draw, and when they got bored and started chewing their crayons and throwing their papers on the ground, we gave them each a small portion of flour to play with. How many things can you do with flour? Well, there’s putting it on your hands, throwing it in the air, drawing cool, random shapes in it on your highchair tray, putting it on your face, putting it on anyone else’s face who comes near enough… Yes I did have flour all over me too, and I have the cutest pics. Eventually when that got boring, we took them outside to the water fossit and let them splash and play until they had completely washed the flour off themselves. Then we took them, still wet and just in their diapers, to the trampoline!  The other volunteer and I, I would say her name, but it is Danish and they have some different letters, not to mention that their names are straight-up weird sometimes!) we left the house early because…

Mommy and Poppy were taking us to lunch! Mommy and Poppy are the couple who started this orphanage 20 years ago and have since made it their home as well as the home of over 600 orphans. They took all the volunteers to lunch as a thank you for the work we are doing day-to-day. We ate real Honduran food!Which I found out consists of corn tortillas, some type of spiced and usually pan-fried meat, rice, avocado, salad, and either mashed or fried potatos..  Mommy is so gracious and Poppy so thoughtful, and both of them are really funny. It was wonderful to get a break, have some different food, and  have some community time with the volunteers and Mommy and Poppy. We volunteers are currently 20, and 18 of us are in the girls volunteer house!

After lunch I went down to the toddler house with Maria, another volunteer, and we learned how to make tortillas. It was very fun, and hard, and different than I expected, from mixing the dough, to spreading it out, to putting it on the oven. Glenda, the motherly lady at the toddler house who was teaching us was so encouraging and taught us so many tricks of the trade. We made about 30, and by the time we were done, mine were as “grandote” as anyone else’s!

After dinner and baths, Briseida came and cuddled on my lap and told me a story… or she took my hands in hers and looked up at me and said”guun-guun ga-ga guun-ga” for about 3 minutes in an amazing variety of tones and decibles. Then she got up and found a book on the floor and brought it back to read to me for another 5 minutes. That definitely made my day even sweeter. When I left the baby house, all the little boys at the toddler started chanting “tia! Tia!” just like they do every time they see a volunteer that they know. I went over, and they all asked me for a kiss good night. I love that they are not yet at the age where kisses at night are embarrassing for them! On my way back to the volunteer house, I saw the most beautiful sunset with bright orange seaping up over the mountains and poofy orange and pink clouds  set off by the dark blue-purple sky.

Alright, so here is some miscellaneous information as well:

I traveled to La Seiba today. It was about a 10 hour trip from Guaimaca. I went with another volunteer who is fluent in Spanish and has traveled a lot. I will be using it for my internship as I will be visiting some various ministries to the poor while here. I will be as safe as possible. Please pray for me, but don’t worry because it won’t do you any good, and it definitely will not help me. I will be coming back on Wednesday and will post all about it!

Also I know I have sometimes posted twice in a day, so just make sure when you are reading that you look back a little. For example, this is my second post today! Usually that is because the internet won’t work, but I am still journaling and writing for my blog even when I can’t post!

Thank you for your love and prayers,



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