Que Feo!

Eventually, I have become a part of my house. No longer am I an onlooker or a guest. I suppose that is a positive accomplishment, but it comes with some unpleasant discoveries.

I have witnessed some fights and a lot of power struggles between the girls at my house. A house mainly filled with 14-16 year-old new mothers is rich turf for drama and discord, and I have started to see all the ugly sides. 2 of the older mothers just moved to another house because of continuing conflict between girls, but that has not solved all the problems.

Lately I have been becoming more and more frustrated because two of the girls at my house have been becoming increasingly hostile and rude to me. I cannot track it to anything I have done, I literally have done nothing I can think of to make them upset. Except maybe not be gorgeous with blonde hair:D But literally, I think that may be part of it! Honestly, though, they’re at that age where they only like beautiful people, so I guess I just don’t fit their special type!

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I mean I could definitely have done something to make them mad, but I literally have no idea what it would have been, and they’ve been like this from the start, so I think I will just put it down to the moody emotional tendencies of 14 year olds excentuated by the fact that they are 14 year-old nursing mothers living at an orphanage….Idk

If it were just that they avoided me or didn’t talk to me much, I might be a little confused, but not really upset. It is just that they go out of their way to make fun of me, get in my way, and make more work for me, not to mention being exaggeratedly friendly with other volunteers when I am around, while pointedly ignoring me. They often just don’t respond when I ask them something.

This has become more and more of a frustration to me. It confuses me and makes it hard to be excited about going to the house every morning, even though I really like the other girls and they are so sweet to me!. Other volunteers have noticed their behavior as well, and my fellow volunteer in the baby house and I went to the lady in charge to talk to her about it. She made both of them apologize, but she just went to Tegucigalpa and everything was the same again.

I’ve been trying to remember that I have a life outside the baby house and I don’t need to be part of their drama, but please pray for extra grace for me, and that I would constantly be remembering that my security is in Christ. It is very easy for me to get unnerved when I have to face such blatant rudeness, and sometimes it has caused me to be short-tempered with my kids, so please pray that I would remember my value and identity in Christ, and that something would change either in these girls attitudes or within the situation.


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