Support Update

I hope you all have been enjoying my blog so far. I am here thanks to all your generous and loving support.

I would like to give a quick shout out to all of those who supported me financially. I raised just over $625- just a little more than enough to pay for my flight, which was by far my largest expense. Thank you to my grandparents, the Markleys, and Jesse and Kendra Beaty for their recent donations.

I would also like to thank all those who have sent me and continue to send notes of encouragement, whether by mail, email, fb message, etc. I continue to read your notes and they are so precious to me. If you would like to send me a note my email is

I would love to hear from you.

Lastly, and most importantly, thanks for all the praying you all have done for me. Whether it is for a good night of sleep, for health and safety, or for chances to make relationships with the girls and babies at my house, it is needed, and I am grateful for it.

Please especially pray for:

Sleep and energy- days are long and tough around here and a refreshing night of sleep makes a huge difference in how I interact with those around me and view the circumstances I run into.

Health- With the new Danish volunteers and a couple more girls from the states, our volunteers house is finally full at 20 girls. This means that if one of us gets sick, the whole house is at risk. Also, immune systems are down as all of us interact with the stress of living in a different and strange environment. Not only this, but there are so many foreign sicknesses around here!

Safety- While the orphanage is fairly safe, outside its gates the world is pretty dangerous. Please pray for safety for me as I will be traveling to the capital at least 2 more times as well as possibly traveling across Honduras with a friend to visit another orphanage.

Cultural and linguistic understanding- Honduras is a very different place from the States… duh, but Orphanage Immanuel also has its own culture, structure, and rules. Please pray for understanding and wisdom as I annalyse and interact with this foreign culture and those who have grown up in it. Also, please just pray that I’ll learn lots of Spanish!

Relational wisdom and love- So relationships are hard anywhere, but when you travel to a foreign country??? Add to that the language barriers which make it almost impossible to get to know the girls’ pasts or even a good deal about who they are now… It’s difficult. I need so much grace and love!

Spiritual growth- With the desperate needs of the kids, and my own desperate need for sleep, it often feels like I am just making it through the day. It can be easy to forget to spend time seeking God when you feel like you are doing His work all day. You use all your energy on helping kids and then have none left to seek the One who should be more than bread and water to you. Like a racecar which speeds on instead of taking a pitstop. Please pray that I would hunger and thirst for God.


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