Hola de Honduras

Today is my 5th day here! I was not able to get an internet stick until yesterday,  hence the delay in posting! I arrived safely and with no accidents or mishaps! Thank you for all your prayers! I did get pretty sick the first night, probably due to strange food, I only got about 2 hours of sleep that night as well as the night before I got here, so I took the first day off to sleep and recooperate. I have been assigned to the baby house; it has about 12 kids from 0-2. Most of them have their moms there. Their moms are mainly between the ages of 14-18. My job there is to give the moms a break, especially so that they can attend the school here. Mostly this includes playing with and feeding babies and cleaning. I have started to get to know the moms and their stories, although my Spanish is really rough.

                On Sunday, volunteers have a break from their duties, so I spent the day at the small boys house. We walked to the farm, watched cars and ate dinner. On my way back to the volunteer house, I climbed the mountain to the water tower. I scaled a rickety wood ladder to watch the sunset from the roof. This has become one of my favorite things to do now!

I walked into town on Monday. It was pretty sketchy with stray dogs everywhere, shack houses built at angles on hills, and men sitting in the backs of their trucks or on a shady curb like they’d been there all day. The town is very poor, although not worse than I had expected. Even the structures for the stores look make-shift and dingy. It made me realize how very well-off the children in the orphanage are, with their 3 meals a day and beautiful houses.

Thank you for all your prayers! Please continue to pray that I will be able to learn Spanish quickly and understand the culture here!


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