5 Things I’ll miss:(

I leave tomorrow morning! or technically today, since I’m up late packing. 5 weeks seems so very short! Tonight we went to a Spanish restaurant to eat tapas, which are basically just a series of side dish or appetizer-like foods, mainly including cuts of meat, cheese, bread. This particular restaurant was a former prison. When I say prison, I mean like the real brick, stone, iron chains and bars dungeon. There are random flights of windy narrow stairways and arched doorways. Basically, it was super cool! Speaking of awesome resteraunts:

Spanish food: I will miss the different flavors and general wholesomeness of the Spanish diet, but I have learned to make some authentic Spanish foods, and I cannot wait to try them out!

The buildings/ landscapes: I have come to an even greater appreciation for the  way Spanish angles are truly different, from the ornate domes and arches of centuries ago to the wide, sweeping curves, and clean diagonals of today’s bridges and buildings.

The schedule: Well, a lot of people complain about the strange Spanish schedule, but siesta has been a best friend to me this trip:) especially with 4 kids to play with! I love that all the shops close down, and literally the streets are empty! What can I say? I understand that naptime is serious business!

The language: I can’t say I’ve gotten much better at the language, but I have found that I am much more willing to try to engage in a conversation, even though I know I know I will have to ask the other person to repeat themselves multiple times, and sometimes have to tell them that I just don’t understand!

The Spanish boys: jk, I promise, that was totally just to make you freak out:D

And that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to put in :

My Family: I will miss my kids sooooo soooo much! I know they started to really feel like I was part of their family. Trini, especially acted for a long time like I was a guest and would ignore me unless she needed a playmate, but now she will come talk to me about any problem. I will also miss my relationship with Amber and Tim, especially my close friendship with Amber. She says I am “the little sister she never had.”

Please pray for the whole family as they adjust to me being gone.

Pray for me as I am jet-lagging, especially as I am going to be working as a live-in nanny for the next month in MD.

Thank you for your love and support:) 


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