I’m leaving soon

Today I told Trini and David that I would be leaving in “3 sleeps.”David let out a disappointed “awww!” and Trini told me solemnly that she “won’t feel good when you’re gone.” It made me quite sad, especially since I know that kids in their situations grow up almost continually saying goodbye to people without the sureness of whether they will see them again.

Ok, funny story, Trini and David were having an argument about whether or not David had meant to cause some accident or other. Finally David turned to Trini and told her, “Some day, when you get to heaven God’s going to tell you, He’ll tell you (In the deepest voice David could muster up), “David told you the truth, He didn’t mean to.””

Argument crushed!

Lately, the days have been fairly normal with pool trips, cleaning, going to the park, and homemade icecream. I taught the kids down to Trini how to play go-fish and war and every morning we have “school,” which includes practicing a new letter of the alphabet by talking about it, writing it, and drawing pictures more or less related. It’s small things like this which I’ll miss in a few days.

Please pray for my kids, that they would be able to deal healthily with my leaving.

Pray for Amber that she would be able to know how to make up for the loss of an extra pair of hands.

Pray for me as I deal with culture shock and the stress of traveling.

Thank you for all your prayers:D



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