4th of July?

Another one of those minor details, one of those things you might not think of when traveling to a different country, I just happened to be here on one of the holidays most unique to the US. Today was the 4th of July which means absolutely nothing to Spanierds, of course. We had a couple of American families who work with Amber and Tim over to celebrate, though. Between the 3 of us we had 9 kids between the ages of 3 and 8. We all went to the pool for the afternoon. (We must of stuck out- all of us pale Americans speaking a different language and giving out our left-over red, white, and blue popsicles:D

Yesterday,we went to the Mercado which is the open market in Torejon. It is always a fun, cultural experience to walk through the market with all the venders vying for your attention to tell you of their 1 uro pairs of socks or fresh Valencian oranges, not to mention the brightly colored fabrics and toys which turn the whole scene into more of a carnival than anything.

Tuesday night I went with the Wilson family to VBS at the Spanish church. It was crazy and hectic with nearly a hundred kids laughing, fighting, and talking. Mostly I think it was confusing for my mind to be around that much exposure to a foreign language, and I couldn’t thinking of how this fall will be with near 7 times that many kids at the orphanage! I think it was also very confusing because the team from Holand that is there only speaks English, and so I was always switching back and forth, both while listening and talking, between English and Spanish. It was good to experience Bible camp in a different culture:)

One funny story:

Today I walked into the room to hear David saying, “Daddy, Daddy, Trini is going to tattle tale on me!”

O the irony! I really couldn’t help bursting into laughter. The mind of a 5 year old works so differently!


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