The Beach!!Valencia

Wow, it has been a while! This past weekend was packed!. On Friday Amber, Levi, David, and I packed up and left for a 2 day vacation at the beach! We drove 3 hours to Valencia through fields of olive trees and grape vines, rolling hills, and then steep rocky mountains which looked like giant camel humps bursting out of the ground. We reached Valencia at 2 and spent the day playing on the beach. The Mediteranian was so gentle and the beach we were on had soft golden sand, clear water, and palm trees lining the road. I really just wanted to climb a palm tree to say that I’d done it, and because I’d only ever seen that many in pictures or movies, but instead I played in the water with Levi and dug sand pits with David for hours:D That night we aate traditional Spanish sandwiches at a Spanish bar (Bars in Europe are just little cafes.) Saturday we began the day by walking around the science museum. It has several buildings with fantastic architecture. They literally look like a series of alien space ships or UFOs. After this we went back to the beach for another 5 hours of playtime before packing up and heading home.

On Sunday we went to a Spanish church. Amber and Tim have been wanting to go here for a while but have been attending and involved in an international church. It was really fun to see the Spirit in this church and to hear the worship in another language!

Today started VBS at this Spanish church and tonight Amber and Tim took David and Levi to be involved while I took Trini and Dassa to the park. We will all be going tomorrow night and the rest of the week, so please pray for this VBS as well as for energy for all of us!

We have been starting our mornings with some “learning time” since school is out, and we want to keep the kids occupied and absorbing knowledge. Anyway, this morning Trini drew several characters on a paper for me, and then asked me to read it. I looked at it for a while because it was a series of circles, squares, triangles, and the letters “LT, and I couldn’t figure out how to break the news to her that it didn’t say anything. So I said, “It looks like”olt” to me…” She rolled her eyes and said, “Here I’m going to read it to you, since you can’t see well!” She took the paper: “It says Bee!” (You’re right Trin, you wrote bee and I just couldn’t see it because I’m blind…not, maybe, because you just put down random shapes and letters…ok!)


Please pray for energy for me, and that I would not internalize stressers so much, but learn to process them consciously as I think this is affecting my energy levels/health.

Pray for the team of 13 from Holand who is here to help with the VBS and who only know English.

Pray for a new family who is joining Amber and Tim in Madrid with their 3 and 6 year old, as they face the challenge of adjusting to a new home. Their daughter Ellie was also diagnosed with Celiak(or however you spell that.:)

Thank you for your love and support




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