5 Things I’ll miss:(

I leave tomorrow morning! or technically today, since I’m up late packing. 5 weeks seems so very short! Tonight we went to a Spanish restaurant to eat tapas, which are basically just a series of side dish or appetizer-like foods, mainly including cuts of meat, cheese, bread. This particular restaurant was a former prison. When I say prison, I mean like the real brick, stone, iron chains and bars dungeon. There are random flights of windy narrow stairways and arched doorways. Basically, it was super cool! Speaking of awesome resteraunts:

Spanish food: I will miss the different flavors and general wholesomeness of the Spanish diet, but I have learned to make some authentic Spanish foods, and I cannot wait to try them out!

The buildings/ landscapes: I have come to an even greater appreciation for the  way Spanish angles are truly different, from the ornate domes and arches of centuries ago to the wide, sweeping curves, and clean diagonals of today’s bridges and buildings.

The schedule: Well, a lot of people complain about the strange Spanish schedule, but siesta has been a best friend to me this trip:) especially with 4 kids to play with! I love that all the shops close down, and literally the streets are empty! What can I say? I understand that naptime is serious business!

The language: I can’t say I’ve gotten much better at the language, but I have found that I am much more willing to try to engage in a conversation, even though I know I know I will have to ask the other person to repeat themselves multiple times, and sometimes have to tell them that I just don’t understand!

The Spanish boys: jk, I promise, that was totally just to make you freak out:D

And that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to put in :

My Family: I will miss my kids sooooo soooo much! I know they started to really feel like I was part of their family. Trini, especially acted for a long time like I was a guest and would ignore me unless she needed a playmate, but now she will come talk to me about any problem. I will also miss my relationship with Amber and Tim, especially my close friendship with Amber. She says I am “the little sister she never had.”

Please pray for the whole family as they adjust to me being gone.

Pray for me as I am jet-lagging, especially as I am going to be working as a live-in nanny for the next month in MD.

Thank you for your love and support:) 


I’m leaving soon

Today I told Trini and David that I would be leaving in “3 sleeps.”David let out a disappointed “awww!” and Trini told me solemnly that she “won’t feel good when you’re gone.” It made me quite sad, especially since I know that kids in their situations grow up almost continually saying goodbye to people without the sureness of whether they will see them again.

Ok, funny story, Trini and David were having an argument about whether or not David had meant to cause some accident or other. Finally David turned to Trini and told her, “Some day, when you get to heaven God’s going to tell you, He’ll tell you (In the deepest voice David could muster up), “David told you the truth, He didn’t mean to.””

Argument crushed!

Lately, the days have been fairly normal with pool trips, cleaning, going to the park, and homemade icecream. I taught the kids down to Trini how to play go-fish and war and every morning we have “school,” which includes practicing a new letter of the alphabet by talking about it, writing it, and drawing pictures more or less related. It’s small things like this which I’ll miss in a few days.

Please pray for my kids, that they would be able to deal healthily with my leaving.

Pray for Amber that she would be able to know how to make up for the loss of an extra pair of hands.

Pray for me as I deal with culture shock and the stress of traveling.

Thank you for all your prayers:D


Valencia Beaches

So, for the last few days we have been at the beach again. We went this time with two other families who work with the Wilsons. With 7 kids between the ages of 3 & 8 it was an exhausting but exciting and fun trip!

I am very tired and headed to bed, so this post won’t be long, but my favorite quote from the tripwas from 5 year old Joshua who informed us, “bugars are my less favorite food!”

God’s important

At dinner Trinity said the prayer. When she finished…”Amen… Oh I didn’t say thank You about God.”

(Meaning say thank You to God for being there.)

David quickly piped up, “Trinity, you shouldn’t forget about God; He’s important! He made you! He did YOU, Trinity. It’s not like you just came out of someone’s tummy, like Mommy, like they made you. They didn’t make you; God made you! He’s not just some old guy in the sky! He made you. He loves you, so you shouldn’t forget about Him.”

4th of July?

Another one of those minor details, one of those things you might not think of when traveling to a different country, I just happened to be here on one of the holidays most unique to the US. Today was the 4th of July which means absolutely nothing to Spanierds, of course. We had a couple of American families who work with Amber and Tim over to celebrate, though. Between the 3 of us we had 9 kids between the ages of 3 and 8. We all went to the pool for the afternoon. (We must of stuck out- all of us pale Americans speaking a different language and giving out our left-over red, white, and blue popsicles:D

Yesterday,we went to the Mercado which is the open market in Torejon. It is always a fun, cultural experience to walk through the market with all the venders vying for your attention to tell you of their 1 uro pairs of socks or fresh Valencian oranges, not to mention the brightly colored fabrics and toys which turn the whole scene into more of a carnival than anything.

Tuesday night I went with the Wilson family to VBS at the Spanish church. It was crazy and hectic with nearly a hundred kids laughing, fighting, and talking. Mostly I think it was confusing for my mind to be around that much exposure to a foreign language, and I couldn’t thinking of how this fall will be with near 7 times that many kids at the orphanage! I think it was also very confusing because the team from Holand that is there only speaks English, and so I was always switching back and forth, both while listening and talking, between English and Spanish. It was good to experience Bible camp in a different culture:)

One funny story:

Today I walked into the room to hear David saying, “Daddy, Daddy, Trini is going to tattle tale on me!”

O the irony! I really couldn’t help bursting into laughter. The mind of a 5 year old works so differently!

The Beach!!Valencia

Wow, it has been a while! This past weekend was packed!. On Friday Amber, Levi, David, and I packed up and left for a 2 day vacation at the beach! We drove 3 hours to Valencia through fields of olive trees and grape vines, rolling hills, and then steep rocky mountains which looked like giant camel humps bursting out of the ground. We reached Valencia at 2 and spent the day playing on the beach. The Mediteranian was so gentle and the beach we were on had soft golden sand, clear water, and palm trees lining the road. I really just wanted to climb a palm tree to say that I’d done it, and because I’d only ever seen that many in pictures or movies, but instead I played in the water with Levi and dug sand pits with David for hours:D That night we aate traditional Spanish sandwiches at a Spanish bar (Bars in Europe are just little cafes.) Saturday we began the day by walking around the science museum. It has several buildings with fantastic architecture. They literally look like a series of alien space ships or UFOs. After this we went back to the beach for another 5 hours of playtime before packing up and heading home.

On Sunday we went to a Spanish church. Amber and Tim have been wanting to go here for a while but have been attending and involved in an international church. It was really fun to see the Spirit in this church and to hear the worship in another language!

Today started VBS at this Spanish church and tonight Amber and Tim took David and Levi to be involved while I took Trini and Dassa to the park. We will all be going tomorrow night and the rest of the week, so please pray for this VBS as well as for energy for all of us!

We have been starting our mornings with some “learning time” since school is out, and we want to keep the kids occupied and absorbing knowledge. Anyway, this morning Trini drew several characters on a paper for me, and then asked me to read it. I looked at it for a while because it was a series of circles, squares, triangles, and the letters “LT, and I couldn’t figure out how to break the news to her that it didn’t say anything. So I said, “It looks like”olt” to me…” She rolled her eyes and said, “Here I’m going to read it to you, since you can’t see well!” She took the paper: “It says Bee!” (You’re right Trin, you wrote bee and I just couldn’t see it because I’m blind…not, maybe, because you just put down random shapes and letters…ok!)


Please pray for energy for me, and that I would not internalize stressers so much, but learn to process them consciously as I think this is affecting my energy levels/health.

Pray for the team of 13 from Holand who is here to help with the VBS and who only know English.

Pray for a new family who is joining Amber and Tim in Madrid with their 3 and 6 year old, as they face the challenge of adjusting to a new home. Their daughter Ellie was also diagnosed with Celiak(or however you spell that.:)

Thank you for your love and support