Home Alone

Yesterday, I watched the kids the whole day so Amber and Tim could go on a day trip to the amusement park together:) I started out the day by telling the kids we were going to have a “nice day” where we try to say as many nice things about each other as possible, and if we were mean, we would have to think of 3 nice things about the person we had been mean to. Immediately David said, “How bout a “play day!” I picked up the kids at 1 pm from school. Levi and David and Dassa and I had a water fight after lunch while Trini took a nap. I found that the kids like water the most if they are pouring it on someone else, otherwise not so much:)

Dassa is just the right size for her to be able to peek above the counter if she is standing on a stool, but I found at snack time that that is all that is necessary for her to be able to register that there is food on the counter, which means, obviously, that there is something which needs to go into her belly. I would push fruit to within her reach and she would peek over the edge and then thrust a little, chubby hand up and grab as much as she could hold, and cram it in her mouth.

Trini got up from her nap and helped me make the pizza dough, even kneading it for a long time, and when Dassa started crying for daddy and mommy, she entertained her by playing peek-a-boo and dancing with her.

I made pizza, with Trin’s help of course. I was able to try some new things! I used wet yeast (I didn’t even know that existed), Let the dough rise on a sunny window sill instead of the oven, and made a square pizza on a cookie sheet. I used more toppings than I have ever used, including olives, bacon, chicken, and bell peppers, and I am pleased to say that it was a hit!

Today the kids finished their school year! Summer break ya’ll!!! Please pray for Levi as this past year has been stressful for him. Please pray that he would be able to rest and relax and that he would get a good teacher . Please pray also for Amber and the kids, that they can get into a good schedule for this summer. That might sound minor, but for a Mom in a foreign culture with 4 kids, it will be vital:)

Thanks for all your prayer and love!


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