Mas Dias normales

Yesterday was one of those normal days, including a trip to the park, play-time at the pool, cleaning, cooking, and keeping kids active. Trin told me that she wanted me to call her flower, and I am trying to decide whether or not that is a good idea;)

Today we went to church, where I played with Dassa during the service, so Amber could stay and listen. Small things make your day when you are around children, and the fact that she played with me the whole time and did not cry that her Mama was gone was really special. We went to a church picnic afterwards where we spent a few hours playing games and talking, then went to “Caesar’s house.” Caesar is a friend of Levi and David’s. We spent another few hours there playing and socializing. I have been so surprised to mark how much Spanish I have learned here just through the short conversations I have had with people in passing! I am able to understand much more and have lost most of the immediate freeze-up reaction I would have if someone started to talk to me in Spanish!!!

When we got home, before our dinner, David (age 5) said this prayer.

Thank you God for this great day. Thank you God for all your blessings… and for Trinnie, Me, Rebecca, Levi, Mommy, Hadassa, Daddy, and Me. Thank you that we got to go to 4 places…The church, the park, Caesar’s, and home. Thank you for the fishies, and please help all the animals grow.”

You could tell that he was just lining up little lists of things in his head as he looked around the room:)

What a sweet thankful spirit this child has, I am so thankful for him!



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