Inner-city Madrid

Today Amber, Levi, Hadassa, and I went into inner city Madrid and met with the team of students that will be leading groups of other students through Madrid in one week periods to reach out to Muslims all this summer. We spent the morning studying Scripture and then took the metro into the city  where the students are prayer walking daily. We spent a good bit of time out walking with them and were able to get to know them a little better. Please keep the students in your prayers as it will take a lot of endurance to stay positive and focused during their time here. All of us were tired after  only spending a few hours of their 12 hr. day with them; Levi and Hadassa were both so tired they fell asleep on the train on the way back home.

Please pray for increased energy for me, and that I would have insight into how I can empower this family in their work and home-life, if that is God’s Will.




One thought on “Inner-city Madrid

  1. Praying the God will enlighten and empower the Wilsons and you to grow in community, where everyone has the humility to realize their role, relinquish control and allow others to work joyfully in serving them.

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