La Feria

I continue to fill most of my days with helping Amber and Tim cook, clean, and take care of their 4 kids. The kids will soon be out of school, so Amber and I have been trying to prepare and brainstorm activities to keep them busy during the summer. Please comment if you have any helpful ideas:)

Yesterday some workers arrived that will be working with college students to help out with reaching out to the Muslim population here in Madrid. Amber and Tim will be heavily involved with this work this summer and in years to come. Please pray for the leadership team as well as Amber and Tim as they use this summer to begin to understand this kind of outreach.

Today Amber and the kids and I went to the feria or carnival which has been in town! I rode my first roller coaster… not too shabby, first roller coaster in Madrid, right:) We all had a blast!

Thanks for all your prayers:)


One thought on “La Feria

  1. Hi Rebecca! Just had a chance to get caught up with your blog posts. Loved the one about Ben … You had me going there. Enjoyed the comparison to enchiladas too. Did she confuse enchiladas with spaghetti?

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