June 15, 2013

Yesterday was fairly uneventful, except that Amber, and the kids, and I went to Parque Europa, which is a park in Torejon with replicas of famous buildings around Europe. It has a miniature, for example, of the ifle tower, but the kids only want to play on the large playground, and make sand castles of their own:)

Today we went to Segovia, Spain. It is a beautiful quaint city with a large castle, a massive cathedral, and tight streets with a myriad of small shops. We played and ate lunch by the river, then climbed the 200 steps to the top of the hill where the castle sat. We walked through the cobblestone streets with their large sets of wooden double-doors and carved stone walls, and I laughed to see how the kids were more interested in the park and popsicles, than the storybook streets they skipped through.

This country’s wonders are so every-day to them, and it made me wonder how much I overlook the magic of a beautiful building or landscape on state-side.

Speaking of landscapes, the drive was beautiful. We drove through, or more like over, a mountain range. At one point we were 1800 meters up, with bright green slopes dotted with poppies and sheep, and bluish mountains in the background. I got a million glimpses of breath-taking sights which would shame most postcards.

Ok, important prayer request:

I have been having nightmares, like so bad that I can’t go back to sleep. Please pray that I would get better sleep, that the nightmares would go away, and most importantly that I would understand more fully what my fears are that are being played-on in my dreams.

Thank you for your love and prayers,



One thought on “June 15, 2013

  1. Praying for you, dear!! God is truly stronger than any force that tries to get in the way. Praying that He helps you to rest in His peace!! 🙂

    Also, I hope you’re taking lots of photos of these beautiful views! 🙂

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