Madrid: first update

Arrived in Madrid at what was 7:00 am Madrid time. The flight was pleasantly uneventful, and I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep. Spent the day at the Wilsons getting to know the kids again, and getting updates on their  family, work etc.

Trinity, who is 3 now, immediately became my best friend. The kids know Spanish, and when Trinity found out that my last name was leon, She immediately informed me that her name was “Trinity Butterfly…flower.”

Levi is now 8, and as conscientious of an older brother and scholar as ever.

David is 5. He is goofy, creative, and sweet. He loves to make people laugh and show you his newest piece of art.

Trinny is 3 and loves everything girly! She loves to spend time with people, even if it means cleaning dishes with you.

Hadassah is 15 months and has the sweetest, calmest disposition. She is fascinated by every airplane and will eat as much as anyone else.

This morning I slept till 12 pm, which meant I got 14 hours of sleep (probably the longest night of sleep I have gotten in my life!) I spent the rest of the day cleaning, playing with kids, and eating Amber’s wonderful cooking.

Random awesome fact: the olives here are the best!!! I really thought I hated olives until my first visit, and when I went back to the states I found I just really don’t like the ones there, but the olives here are AWESOME!

Tim and Amber are doing well and are handling the stress of work and family in another culture, very well. Pray for them as they welcome some teams from the States in the next month.

Pray for Amber as she juggles her life as a mother with her outreach, pray that she would have wisdom and peace.

Pray for my relationship with the kids to become strong and steady, as it is already beginning to be.

Pray for me to adjust to this new culture and home with an openness  and attentiveness to differences, which will allow me to better serve in a healthy steady manner.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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