Home Alone

Yesterday, I watched the kids the whole day so Amber and Tim could go on a day trip to the amusement park together:) I started out the day by telling the kids we were going to have a “nice day” where we try to say as many nice things about each other as possible, and if we were mean, we would have to think of 3 nice things about the person we had been mean to. Immediately David said, “How bout a “play day!” I picked up the kids at 1 pm from school. Levi and David and Dassa and I had a water fight after lunch while Trini took a nap. I found that the kids like water the most if they are pouring it on someone else, otherwise not so much:)

Dassa is just the right size for her to be able to peek above the counter if she is standing on a stool, but I found at snack time that that is all that is necessary for her to be able to register that there is food on the counter, which means, obviously, that there is something which needs to go into her belly. I would push fruit to within her reach and she would peek over the edge and then thrust a little, chubby hand up and grab as much as she could hold, and cram it in her mouth.

Trini got up from her nap and helped me make the pizza dough, even kneading it for a long time, and when Dassa started crying for daddy and mommy, she entertained her by playing peek-a-boo and dancing with her.

I made pizza, with Trin’s help of course. I was able to try some new things! I used wet yeast (I didn’t even know that existed), Let the dough rise on a sunny window sill instead of the oven, and made a square pizza on a cookie sheet. I used more toppings than I have ever used, including olives, bacon, chicken, and bell peppers, and I am pleased to say that it was a hit!

Today the kids finished their school year! Summer break ya’ll!!! Please pray for Levi as this past year has been stressful for him. Please pray that he would be able to rest and relax and that he would get a good teacher . Please pray also for Amber and the kids, that they can get into a good schedule for this summer. That might sound minor, but for a Mom in a foreign culture with 4 kids, it will be vital:)

Thanks for all your prayer and love!


Mas Dias normales

Yesterday was one of those normal days, including a trip to the park, play-time at the pool, cleaning, cooking, and keeping kids active. Trin told me that she wanted me to call her flower, and I am trying to decide whether or not that is a good idea;)

Today we went to church, where I played with Dassa during the service, so Amber could stay and listen. Small things make your day when you are around children, and the fact that she played with me the whole time and did not cry that her Mama was gone was really special. We went to a church picnic afterwards where we spent a few hours playing games and talking, then went to “Caesar’s house.” Caesar is a friend of Levi and David’s. We spent another few hours there playing and socializing. I have been so surprised to mark how much Spanish I have learned here just through the short conversations I have had with people in passing! I am able to understand much more and have lost most of the immediate freeze-up reaction I would have if someone started to talk to me in Spanish!!!

When we got home, before our dinner, David (age 5) said this prayer.

Thank you God for this great day. Thank you God for all your blessings… and for Trinnie, Me, Rebecca, Levi, Mommy, Hadassa, Daddy, and Me. Thank you that we got to go to 4 places…The church, the park, Caesar’s, and home. Thank you for the fishies, and please help all the animals grow.”

You could tell that he was just lining up little lists of things in his head as he looked around the room:)

What a sweet thankful spirit this child has, I am so thankful for him!


Inner-city Madrid

Today Amber, Levi, Hadassa, and I went into inner city Madrid and met with the team of students that will be leading groups of other students through Madrid in one week periods to reach out to Muslims all this summer. We spent the morning studying Scripture and then took the metro into the city  where the students are prayer walking daily. We spent a good bit of time out walking with them and were able to get to know them a little better. Please keep the students in your prayers as it will take a lot of endurance to stay positive and focused during their time here. All of us were tired after  only spending a few hours of their 12 hr. day with them; Levi and Hadassa were both so tired they fell asleep on the train on the way back home.

Please pray for increased energy for me, and that I would have insight into how I can empower this family in their work and home-life, if that is God’s Will.



La Feria

I continue to fill most of my days with helping Amber and Tim cook, clean, and take care of their 4 kids. The kids will soon be out of school, so Amber and I have been trying to prepare and brainstorm activities to keep them busy during the summer. Please comment if you have any helpful ideas:)

Yesterday some workers arrived that will be working with college students to help out with reaching out to the Muslim population here in Madrid. Amber and Tim will be heavily involved with this work this summer and in years to come. Please pray for the leadership team as well as Amber and Tim as they use this summer to begin to understand this kind of outreach.

Today Amber and the kids and I went to the feria or carnival which has been in town! I rode my first roller coaster… not too shabby, first roller coaster in Madrid, right:) We all had a blast!

Thanks for all your prayers:)


Last night I met a new member of the Wilson household. His name is Ben, and I had never even heard of him. So, I went to sleep in the basement cause it’s been so hot, and the basement is cool. I woke up at 1:30, turned on the light, and there he was just sitting right next to the bed. I think he was asleep because he did not move. I was freaking out trying to think what I could get him out with. I went up to the kitchen and got some supplies, and when I went back downstairs, he was still there, but when I tried to get him, he disappeared. I was like, (Oh great now I look like a fool. Noone will ever believe me!” but then I was like, “Whatever, it’s 1:30! Everyone’s a fool at 1:30!” In the morning, Amber got a glimpse of him as well, though, and as it turns out, Tim had kind of known about him all the time. And that was the first time I met a cockroach.

Another funny experience. Yesterday the pool opened for the first time, so we went. I dove in, and when I came up, Trinity announced, “You don’t look like Rebecca anymore!”

“Really,” I said, “Then what do I look like?”

She paused and said, “You look like… Enchaladas!”

I have no idea what that means, but I guess I’ll take it as a compliment since it is Hispanic:)

Other Highlights:

I was able to get back in touch with some of my friends from the University group at the church we go to!

Last night, I stayed home with David who is 5, while the rest of the family went to a fair. He was the sweetest, most well-mannered child. Sometimes it can be so exhausting to take care of kids, but after watching him, I just felt so blessed:)

Prayer requests:

Thanks for all the prayers about the dreams. The last 2 nights I have slept wonderfully, even despite my run-in with a cockroach!

Please pray for me to have more insight into how to serve this family in a way that will truly help them!

June 15, 2013

Yesterday was fairly uneventful, except that Amber, and the kids, and I went to Parque Europa, which is a park in Torejon with replicas of famous buildings around Europe. It has a miniature, for example, of the ifle tower, but the kids only want to play on the large playground, and make sand castles of their own:)

Today we went to Segovia, Spain. It is a beautiful quaint city with a large castle, a massive cathedral, and tight streets with a myriad of small shops. We played and ate lunch by the river, then climbed the 200 steps to the top of the hill where the castle sat. We walked through the cobblestone streets with their large sets of wooden double-doors and carved stone walls, and I laughed to see how the kids were more interested in the park and popsicles, than the storybook streets they skipped through.

This country’s wonders are so every-day to them, and it made me wonder how much I overlook the magic of a beautiful building or landscape on state-side.

Speaking of landscapes, the drive was beautiful. We drove through, or more like over, a mountain range. At one point we were 1800 meters up, with bright green slopes dotted with poppies and sheep, and bluish mountains in the background. I got a million glimpses of breath-taking sights which would shame most postcards.

Ok, important prayer request:

I have been having nightmares, like so bad that I can’t go back to sleep. Please pray that I would get better sleep, that the nightmares would go away, and most importantly that I would understand more fully what my fears are that are being played-on in my dreams.

Thank you for your love and prayers,


Madrid: first update

Arrived in Madrid at what was 7:00 am Madrid time. The flight was pleasantly uneventful, and I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep. Spent the day at the Wilsons getting to know the kids again, and getting updates on their  family, work etc.

Trinity, who is 3 now, immediately became my best friend. The kids know Spanish, and when Trinity found out that my last name was leon, She immediately informed me that her name was “Trinity Butterfly…flower.”

Levi is now 8, and as conscientious of an older brother and scholar as ever.

David is 5. He is goofy, creative, and sweet. He loves to make people laugh and show you his newest piece of art.

Trinny is 3 and loves everything girly! She loves to spend time with people, even if it means cleaning dishes with you.

Hadassah is 15 months and has the sweetest, calmest disposition. She is fascinated by every airplane and will eat as much as anyone else.

This morning I slept till 12 pm, which meant I got 14 hours of sleep (probably the longest night of sleep I have gotten in my life!) I spent the rest of the day cleaning, playing with kids, and eating Amber’s wonderful cooking.

Random awesome fact: the olives here are the best!!! I really thought I hated olives until my first visit, and when I went back to the states I found I just really don’t like the ones there, but the olives here are AWESOME!

Tim and Amber are doing well and are handling the stress of work and family in another culture, very well. Pray for them as they welcome some teams from the States in the next month.

Pray for Amber as she juggles her life as a mother with her outreach, pray that she would have wisdom and peace.

Pray for my relationship with the kids to become strong and steady, as it is already beginning to be.

Pray for me to adjust to this new culture and home with an openness  and attentiveness to differences, which will allow me to better serve in a healthy steady manner.

Thank you for your prayers and support!